What Makes a Great Pet Friendly City?

By “Beastie”

What makes a great pet friendly city?

In my opinion (and as an expert in the field…roof!), there is one main thing that make a great city for pets like myself.


We need access to things like parks, trails or walkways. And we want easy access to those parks and trails because Mom and Dad won’t take us for a hike if they don’t have time. We know we make Mom and Dad happy and they are at work most of the day, so if we can’t spend time with them at night, we get cranky. And if we get cranky, we make Mom and Dad cranky. Roof!

Not every city or neighborhood is great for dogs and other pets. Our friends at Better Cities for Pets shares some key traits that provide an environment for happy and healthy pets.

  • Pet-friendly housing options
  • Amenities available that help pets and pet owners
  • Plenty of green space and parks
  • Pet hydration and waste stations are plentiful and easy to find
  • Retail and restaurants make it easy to be out with your pet
  • Workplaces know and support the benefits of pets at work

East Boston Pet Services

In a recent study completed by WalletHub, Boston ranked among the top 100 pet friendly cities in the country. Woof! Woof!

But, as Boston East ambassador, I love living in East Boston. And since every neighborhood and community is different, part of why East Boston is amazing is all of the pet friendly services in the area.

East Boston Pet Services

East Boston Parks

One of the best things about living in East Boston are the parks. And one of the best things about Boston East is access to the Harbor! So many spaces to explore, so many trees to mark and so little time! Roof!

LoPresti Park located on the harbor offers an amazing view of the Boston skyline. The Park, which includes a promenade also offers basketball courts and a playground for kids. Plus, the park is pet friendly.

The East Boston Greenway offers a walking path and park that connects several significant open space areas in East Boston, including Piers Park, Memorial Stadium, Bremen Street Park, Wood Island Bay Marsh and Belle Isle Marsh.

Bremen Street Park is a large urban park and green space, which provides a buffer between Logan International Airport and the residential neighborhoods of East Boston. The park is open year-round to the public and includes amenities such as a large public lawns, spray fountain, community garden, playgrounds, and East Boston’s only dog park.

The East Boston Memorial Park is owned and operated by the City of Boston and provides an urban recreational area that provides residents and visitors with clean, green, safe and accessible open space.

East Boston Groomers and Dog Walkers

I take my role as Boston East ambassador seriously. Which means, I need to look good every day. The on-site pet spa makes sure I’m relaxed and offers a great stop on any tours. But, I need proper hygiene!

Additionally, even though Boston East and the area have plenty of parks, sometimes Mom or Dad are busy. And occasionally, they like to go on vacation without out me…roof! But, the East Boston community is great and there are plenty of neighbors that like hanging out on walks.

Fortunately, sites like care.com offers a list of groomers and other pet services that serve our East Boston community. Since every dog and family has their own needs, the site offers reviews, ratings and more to find the groomer, dog walker or whatever you need. One paw up!

East Boston Animal Hospital

Even with proper care, grooming and exercise, occasionally we get sick. For emergencies or regular check ups, East Boston also has local veterinary services.

East Boston Animal Hospital proudly serves the East Boston community to address everything pet related. The veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by Dr. James Sawyers, who is a licensed, experienced East Boston veterinarian. The team is committed to educating pet owners on keeping their  pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise.

For more options, Vet Street offers a list of nearby veterinarians that are ready, willing and able to help with any health issues or emergencies.

East Boston Pet Friendly Housing

Boston East provides the best apartments that allow pets around!

From our Pup Spa and Yappy Hours to the green space and easy access to the Harbor, Boston East offers everything a pet (or pet parent) could want.

Find out why for yourself and schedule a tour today! Roof!

Sincerely, Beastie.