How to Find Pet Friendly Apartments

By “Beastie”

Simply put, we want the best for our loved ones. We notice the stress on their faces when times are tough. In particular, we know its time to move when the boxes come out and we see the troubled and worried look on their faces.

And sometimes, we feel bad because it is our fault.

We know our mommies and daddies love us, but not everyone sees us the same way. Grrr!

Somehow, not everyone loves our cute and adorable faces and habits. What is wrong with scaring of potential intruders? Our parents protect us, so why can’t we protect them when everyone is sleeping?

So when it comes to apartment hunting, we know our parents struggle to find pet friendly apartments. Grrr!

Especially for some of us that live in the big city. Many apartments and areas don’t offer as many luxuries as our cousins living on a farm in the countryside.

However, you are in luck. As community liaison at Boston East, I’ve worked with the team to provide the best pet friendly apartment in Boston!

For example, one of my favorite parts of the day is a visit to our luxurious pet spa. Extra belly rubs makes my stress disappear. Although, to be honest, I don’t have much stress at Boston East. There is plenty of space around the home, plus the Harbor and parks around the corner. It is really easy to convince our parents to walk along the water or lay out in the sun at the park!

Plus, at Boston East, coming home is a treat for everyone. We always miss home, but we can always take a few minutes to stop at the concierge desk. Why? If you behave and give a cute face, then you get some treats.

But for my buddies still looking for a great place to live, then here is how we worked to create a pet friendly apartment and community. If you are worried about finding a place for your parents, then nudge these tips their way!

Tips to Find Pet Friendly Apartments


Boston East Dogs: Stubbs
Meet Stubbs, a Boston East resident! He is a beagle mix.

Not sure how to start a pet friendly apartment search? Fortunately our friends at the MSPCA offered some guidelines and tips to help with an apartment search.

  • Start early and ensure you have sufficient time. We all know that not all complexes are pet friendly, so build mark this into your parent’s calendar.
  • Stay focused. I know we tend to lose interest, but we need to keep our eye on the ball. If any listings that clearly indicate no pets, then let’s forget them. Mom and Dad have enough problems, don’t make their search process any more difficult.
  • Find a friend. We know how easily it is to make friends, so find a realtor that will help search for pet friendly apartments. Realtors work for us (or our parents since they don’t take cuteness and face licks as payment), so make sure they look out for our needs.
  • Remain diligent and continuously check the standard apartment listings sites. Listings change daily, so stay on top of the new opportunities. Remember to signal “apartment search” time when relaxing after dinner on the couch.
  • Avoid larger communities and complexes that are not pet friendly. A large complex with a clear policy will not make exceptions, despite our subtle looks of disapproval. We need a small place where our neighbors can get to know us and love us.

Showcase Our Qualifications

In addition, we need to showcase our uniqueness. Not all of us are the same, we all know some bullies that like too much mischief. We don’t like playing with those guys anyway, so we don’t want to live with them either. As we all know, sometimes our parents forget to play tug of war, so we put a stick by their feet. We need to do the same thing and showoff our skills and laid back attitude to our future best friends.

For example, write a pet resume (or have your parents write one since we don’t have thumbs…roof!). Include our basic information. Share our background and history, such as whether we are spayed or neutered…roof, roof, roof. Provide information about our hygiene and training. Also, have them include something about themselves, like their work hours and when we usually go for walks. Offer a recommendation from the vet (grrr) that outlines our temperament.

Along the way, we may find open minded landlords, but they still need a little more convincing. We love playdates, so have them set up a meet and greet. We promise to be on our best behavior when we meet the landlord. During this meeting, have your parents convey an understanding tone and remain open to reasonable pet-damage deposits or interim living arrangement. We know we get upset sometimes, but if our parents spend some extra time with us and let us explore the new area, we know we can adjust very quickly. Plus, if we like our new home, then we’ll get to keep all of our new friends!

Unfortunately, many buildings and landlords place the burden on our parents just for loving us. It may seem like additional steps, but taking initiative and demonstrating responsibility goes a long way to securing housing.

Demonstrate Being a Responsible Pet Owner

Sharing our great qualities helps put a landlord’s mind at ease. Plus, showing initiative also demonstrates responsibility. In particular, housing in many cities, including Boston, is very competitive. For our parents, the supply of available apartments is even tighter. However, if we help them demonstrate their attention to detail and care as a family, then landlords will understand how our family will act as a tenant. All of this helps find a great pet friendly apartment!

Tips for Being a Great Neighbor

tips for being a pet owning neighbor

Although everyone should be a respectful and considerate neighbor, unfortunately, not everyone shares our friendly attitudes. And due to our enthusiasm for everything, at times, our parents need to remain diligent. For example, some of us have great hearing or scare easily and bark quickly or loudly. This is understandable, but frequent barking may cause complaints and extra stress for Mom or Dad.

However, there are some simple ways to help our parents remain respectful within the building and make friends with our neighbors.

  • Hold it until we get outside. However, sometimes accidents happen…roof. Always grab the bags for our parents to pick up after us. We like living in a clean home and understand nothing makes our friends upset like poop!
  • Be quiet! We know we have a quick temper and don’t want to be mean. But, if we miss our parents, then we get lonely and want to play with our friends. Deep down, we know that if we are too loud, then our friends will get mad.
  • Be careful around others. Most of our buildings are small and have tight hallways or elevators. Although we aren’t sure why some people don’t love us, we know for sure that we don’t like everyone we meet. If we are careful around strangers inside and pay attention to our parents, then we know we’ll be outside running around in no time!
  • Clean up! Remember, we only live in one apartment, but get to play in most of the building. If there are open play areas, sometimes, we get hot and pant and shed. Sometimes, let your parents know we made a mess and sit by the broom so they can clean up common areas or stairways where we spend a lot of time. We know nobody likes cleaning, but if we see some extra hair after a few trips outside, then keep Mom and Dad in good spirits and sit by the broom!
  • Say hi. In particular, if you or your parents are quirky or extra playful. Everyone likes more friends, so ask Mom and Dad to politely introduce you to your closest neighbors to check them out with some smells and sniffs. We want to get to know them and don’t want to mistake them for strangers when our parents aren’t home.
  • Establish a routine. Our parents know we like our exercise and can’t hold it ALL day. We promise that if Mom and Dad come home around the same time and take us for walks each day, then we will not act up and annoy the neighbors.

While digging around, we found something special. Before we bury it in the park, we wanted to share it with others looking for a new home.

“Owning a dog in an apartment is a lot more work than in a house; however, it can be more fun if it’s done right. Training your dog and walking him or her so often can be a game instead of a chore. It’s all in the perspective, but as long as you are a respectful dog owner, you should never have an issue keeping your canine in your apartment.”

Looking for pet friendly apartments in Boston? Look no further than Boston East. We are a pet friendly community that offers great amenities and access to Boston!

Spoil your parents and schedule a tour today!

On that note, I’m off to Yappy Hour! I’m single and in a mood to mingle! Roof Roof!

Sincerely, Beastie.