Boston East Provides The Best Apartments That Allow Pets

By “Beastie”

As Boston East ambassador, my role involves driving community engagement. For someone as cute as myself, getting my human friends to stop and check me out doesn’t take much effort. Woof! But, engaging my fellow four-legged friends, take a little more time.

My charming looks only get me so far…roof, roof!

Fortunately, working and living everyday at Boston East provides that little extra that really gets my friends engaged in the community.


Boston East provides the best apartments that allow pets around!

Apartments That Allow Pets Should All Include The Following!

Although your parents may be gullible (do they keep throwing sticks away when they should be right by the door?), I know, you are too smart just to take my word.

First, my colleagues at Boston East took the initiative to make the community feel like home! For example, do your parents always have time for belly rubs? Don’t worry about it because you can head to our pet spa! Yes, save your guilt trips and wry smiles for some extra walks. Woof! Woof!

Featured Amenities for Apartments That Allow Pets

Speaking of extra walks, Boston East offers direct access to the Harborwalk! Yes, this means you’re outside before Mom forgets her sunglasses and once we are outside she doesn’t want to go back.

Additionally, Boston East makes it easy to get around the city. For example, the building includes bike storage, so when you are in the mood for a long run, Mom and Dad can tag along and get plenty of exercise.

Oh and we have site Zipcars on-site. Do you know what this means? Car rides!

Apartments That Allow Pets Feature Plenty of Parking

And when you get back…treats! And not just from Mom or Dad for being good. The concierge desk gives you a treat for coming home. It really doesn’t get much better. Roof! Roof!

But it does get better because there are plenty of parks nearby. If you are itching for some play time, then grab your ball and stare out the window overlooking the water or green space. It works basically every time. Woof! Woof!

Take my word for it. There is nothing like laying out in the sun during a nice Boston summer night…especially after a nice long run or car ride! And we never have to convince Mom or Dad because Boston East offers a great courtyard and fire pit. Something is always going down and there are always plenty of people and new friends to make! Plus, if you need a rest, then it’s pretty fun to take a break and watch all the two-legged residents play yard games and run around the yard. Although, sometimes watching the ping pong balls going back and forth gives us a headache! Roof!

In fact, Boston East hosts regular Yappy Hours! If you are ever tired of Mom or Dad heading out with some friends and making you stand guard, then don’t worry! They like to bring you to Yappy Hour so they can mingle with the others. Roof! Roof!

Still not convinced that Boston East provides the best apartments that allow pets?

Schedule a tour today and the team will answer any questions for your parents. And maybe you’ll get a treat too!

Sincerely, Beastie.